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My Journey from a Blogger to an Author!!

DSC00451One of a quote that has been inspiring me always is-

“If a drop of water falls in a lake there is no identity,

But, if it falls on a leaf it shines like a PEARL.

So, choose the BEST place where you can shine.”

Hence, it landed me in the world of writers which is indeed the best place I can never ever have dreamt for. Although I have been writing for the local newspaper during my class 7th and 8th standard, however, this didn’t last long. I gave it a pause due to my class 10th board examination. After a long break of five years, I again started writing a story in my free time, pondering that it might get published after a year. I was pursuing the third year of Engineering (Biotechnology) then. Being occupied myself into projects, assignments, and placements, unfortunately, after writing few chapters of the story I quitted again. A frenetic job in a healthcare MNC compelled me to drop the dream of becoming a renowned writer.

The years passed by. It had been more than four years working under the hectic office schedule of more than nine hours a day. Early this year, I came across the website ‘mycity4kids’ which is mainly based on parenting stories. I also found out many articles related to social issues which we generally face in our day to day life. Probably after five years, I again thought of giving a try to my writing skills. Henceforth, I wrote the first article for this website. My first blog on “A thoughtful letter to my brother’s future wife” was viewed by 63.3K readers with more than thousands of comments and shares. This provoked me to write more and more. Therefore, I wrote sixteen articles till now and the most appreciated among those was- ससुराल क्या है?” with 262.2K views and 15K likes.

With such appreciation and encouragement, I created my own blog in April 2017. My blog was selected for “Bloggers Recognition Award” and was listed on the top among fifteen nominees from worldwide. One can also visit my blog for inspirational stories and articles related to social issues. All my articles have been praised by millions of readers from across the globe.

Looking at my writing skills, my husband boosted me each day to write a book. I also thought of paying full attention towards my writing and this was a golden opportunity for me which might never return. Being a full-time private employee, managing household chores, blogging and writing a book was not my cup of tea. Believe me, it’s not that easy. Somehow, I managed (Impossible becomes possible when life gives supportive and caring life-partner).

Eventually, I finished writing my first book in thirty-five days. Now I can proudly say that, I had chosen ‘the best place where I can shine’.

Here, I would whole-heartily like to thank the website mycity4kids for providing me the platform of writing. My special thanks to my grandparents, parents, husband and my in-laws for their continuous love and blessings. I am also grateful to my friends for their anytime support.  Thank You so much, everyone!!

Glad to share ‘about my book’ with you all: –

“An UnImaginable Love”, is all about the love and hatred between two characters who are utterly contrary to nature. A tall and handsome hunk- Adarsh meets chirpy and beautiful girl Adwita at any early teenage. Adarsh struggles for his love wherein, Adwita often neglects his love. She wants to enjoy her life independently. The ups and downs in the love voyage are clearly depicted in the story.

The book also describes the post-marriage condition of girls in India, which left a deep impact on Adwita’s mind and soul. Whereas, Adarsh always tries to win her by his patience and trust. The story also revolves around the mindset of Adarsh and Adwita’s parents. The difference in opinion of the two parents of the same generation.

This love story is unique, it is endearing, it is inspiring, and it is “unimaginable”. Yes, love can shape our lives but our lives can also shape our love.

My readers can grab a copy now from,, and

Feel free to share your feedback.

Soon, the books will be available on many more online portals- Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, readwhere, power-publishers and infibeam.

Do rate and review the book. Thank You!! 😊 😊

-From the author of “An UnImaginable Love”

An Inimitable Relation- the best teacher of my life !!

Let me start with the proverb-

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”

Meaning, the wise mother who rocks the cradle makes her child great who can rule the world. Yes, she is my “Mother” who is the best teacher of my life. No other bond is as precious as the bond between a mother and her child. Her love, care, and warmth is incomparable. Among so many relations on earth, the mother is the one who influences the child the most. Hence, she is not only the mother but also the first teacher of my life. From Maa to Mumma to Mummy she made me aware of the realistic world. From the first day when I stepped into this world till now, she has been teaching me new lessons.

I am really finding it a difficult task to jot down the things I have learned from her as I am still in a learning phase and will need her lessons throughout my life. Since childhood, she taught me to be independent and to be valiant enough to tackle the mischievous happenings in the world. She is the one who taught me to differentiate between the right and wrong. Though she has never raised her hand to me but scolded me whenever I did anything wrong. Many a time, she guided me in choosing the best path which had always lead to the beautiful destination till now.

I still remember the days when I got fewer marks in class 3rd due to health issues and I was very much disappointed thinking that I might have to repeat the class. I lost my confidence then, but my mother’s caring touch and encouraging attitude boosted my spirit. Her confidence and believe in me taught me the lesson of “Never Surrender”. Hence, I worked hard and secured the good position in the class. She not only taught me to respect elders but she also taught me to accept the mistake and bow down your head when you are wrong and if you are right, fight for it.

I have also learned the multitasking skills from her. The way she manages work and family, the way she loves equally to all of us always compels me to follow her. No other teacher has taught me beyond studies but my mother has given me every small to big lessons which are essential to survive in this cruel world. Although, teaching is a profession which creates other professions Mother is a kind of teacher whose blessings, love, care, and support takes the children to the utmost height. She also taught me to be patient and work honestly. The most important thing she taught me is to ‘Never boast’.

However, I have many friends to share jokes and to laugh with them but whenever I feel grief-stricken, I always seek help from my mother. No one can ever console me like her. I know she is the only person who will always understand me and will accept me no matter whatever the situation comes. I also thank her for not only teaching me with the life lessons but for also transferring her writing skills into me. She is a good story writer and many of her articles are published in the newspaper.

Last but not the least, I always owe my success to you. I would like to thank her for every important lesson she taught me till now. Thanks in advance for the chapters which are still unlearnt.

Thank you, Mummy for trusting me and making me what I am today. I love you, Mummy…. You are the best and the most favorite teacher of mine.