Keep your worries away!!

This is the story of identical twin’s brothers- Alex and John who were about to complete their schooling in a month. Although they had the same physical appearance, they were wholly opposite in nature and behaviour. One day they decided to plant a mango tree in their garden, individually. Alex sowed the seeds at the right corner of the main gate and John at the left.

“Let’s see whose plant grows actively soon?”- Alex said

“Definitely mine” – John replied

“No… Mine. I can bet you”- Alex again responded over-confidently

Then, the two brothers promised to be superior to each other.

Both started searching on the internet for the methods of cultivation of mango tree. Alex used to water a plant daily. In fact, he had set an alarm in his mobile, so that he doesn’t skip watering. He watered more than the required capacity so that the tree grows speedily. He devoted his full time thinking about the good growth of the tree, leaving behind his studies. He was fully concentrated on tree and was also worried about the result (fruit). Whereas, John used to water twice and concentrated on his studies as well. He was working hard and was not at all worried about the result. He was just performing his duty with honesty without caring about the result.

The days passed by and the heavy storm entered the city. The wind unleashed in the environment. Other trees were bending and shaking due to strong blowing air. Many branches and plants were destroyed. The worst storm made the wind scream badly. Alex was peeping through the window, while John was busy completing his school assignment.  Alex was much worried than John. Alex prayed continuously for an hour until storm vanished. The moment they went to see their trees, they were stumped. Alex’s small plant was uprooted and was scattered in the garden whereas the wind failed to affect John’s plant. It was standing erect. Alex cried on top of his voice.

This explains, we should never run behind anything or anyone. The more you value anyone, the less you will get in return. Let me elaborate with an example- The parents keep running behind and keep worrying about their children. They try to fulfil all their demands instantly, making their children totally dependent on them. Too much fretting can become a burden sometimes. Like, if, deficiency of anything can harm the body, then, excessive can also destroy it. Excess worrying can harm the parents as well as their children. Like, it harmed Alex and his growing Mango tree.