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Daughters: A Curse or a Blessing?

In this era of advancement, people still think that a girl child is a curse to them and their family. My question to the society is- Why? How could a girl be curse or blessing? We need a mother, sister, girlfriend but why not a daughter?

You must be wondering why I started so curtly with questions. Thus, the story goes here-

“In the morning while we had our breakfast, the bell of the landline diverted our mind. Mummy received. It was news of Didi’s delivery. The much-desired dream of my parents got fulfilled. I jumped with excitement. I was hankering to know the babies’ gender. We went closer to the phone but couldn’t hear anyone’s word.

“Two daughters,” Mummy said with tears of joy while keeping the receiver down.

Ahlaad and I just wanted to run away to meet our nieces. This was the second news of excitement I received in my entire life.


There was an absolute silence. My own breath seemed noiseless to me. Not even a single familiar face was around the hospital ward where Didi was admitted. The stillness all-around scared us. We could no longer hear anything there. The silence of the place was poisonous for us.  It made our thoughts expand till the infinity.

“Confirm the room number once,” Mummy said to Papa in the faltering voice.

And the scenario we saw was just pathetic. For a second, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Didi was lying on the bed like a non-living, motionless toy. Her eyes were swollen, her beautiful face has lost the pretty smile. Her fair complexion skin faded away. Her one-day old daughters were sleeping in a cradle aside. The moment Mummy saw Didi, she couldn’t control her tears. She fell on the ground. She fainted.

We were stumped. This had sent shockwaves among us.  Her in-laws refused to accept her just because she delivered two cute girls. This old-fashioned, patriarchal thinking has destroyed many relations. The terrible condition of most of the Indian families today.  We live in a country where if a girl is born, the silence, the grudge that builds up is disproportionate. The birth of a girl child is still heeded as ominous in our country.


Is this how life changes? Is there any fault of Didi? Are the twin sisters responsible for all this? No, the mentality of Jiju’s family is responsible. How can they do all this? Isn’t it the worst of all? How has Jiju changed drastically? How can a person be so mean? How can a person leave such beautiful angels? It’s better not to get married, not to have kids then such a dead life….

A weeping noise of my niece broke my thought. “

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