Our salute to your life-partner!!

Yes, this sentence “Salute to your life-partner” is the most distinctive compliment I have ever received in my lifespan. Let me not bemuse you more here. I’ll tell you why and how?

A few weeks back, I was on my journey to different cities to conduct motivational seminars and to promote my latest book. The very first and common question I was asked by the directors and head of the institutes was- “Did you wrote this book before marriage or after that?” and my answer was straightforward- “after marriage.”

They were surprised and started throwing heaps of questions that were thriving in their mind- “Then, how did you manage writing and household activities?”, “What encouraged you to take a step towards this field?” etc., etc……..And my response to all these inquiries was- “My husband’s support.”

Some were inspired by my answer whereas some were curious to know in depth.  So, I thought why not to write this as a blog and provoke our male genders as well.

We all know that we should find our passion and work for it, no one will do it for us. But, in my case, it’s my husband who discovered my passion and encouraged me to follow it. Although I had this skills since childhood, I had never worked for it anytime due to other commitments and frantic office hours. After a couple of years of my marriage, I wrote the first blog, and I received around 17K reviews with 65K views. Still, I never had thought that I’d write a book one day.  Thanks to my husband who boosted my hidden skills every day and motivated me to achieve my passion. He stood beside me every time I needed. He not only helped me in writing but also had been a helping hand in household chores. His suggestions, decisions, ideas have always been fruitful to me, and I respect him for that.

I was delighted when the director of one of the institute said- “We should also learn from your husband. He has set the perfect example for all of us”.

I’ll tell you what actually keeps me motivating? When I first shared the news of my book on Facebook, I received uncountable compliments saying – “Well done,” “congratulations for your success,” “you made us proud” & many more. The only comment I found different was of my husband- “This is nothing, you have to work more smartly.” And when again I promoted the book on social media, endless compliments again occupied the Facebook. Besides those, one comment was – “Still a long way to go.” By now you must have guess whose comment it was.

So, this attitude of my life-partner is something which always compels me to work smart and made me fully dedicated towards my passion. My sincere thanks and appreciation to him for all that he had done for me. Thank you-

–    For welcoming me into your life. I know I’m far from perfect…as a wife or homemaker. But thank you for loving and supporting me anyway.

–    For your constant encouragement and belief in me.

–    For your endless patience during editing of the book. I truly appreciate it.

–    For your dedication towards the family. For working hard and giving your best at the office despite all the frustrations and obstacles.

–    For being my teacher in various aspects of life.

–    For letting me shine through the book.

Through this post, I would like to tell everyone reading this, that- “Marriage doesn’t kill your dream. Be supportive of your life partner. Help each other to achieve their goals and most importantly, respect each other”.

–    From the Author of “An Unimaginable Love”

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