‘Kundli’- are we still believing in it??

Let me brief you with the meaning of Kundli first. It is also known as birth chart, janampatri or janam kundli. As we already know that, it’s just a part of mathematics which is given a name ‘Astrology’. In India, the moment a child is born, we start predicting his/her future based on kundli. How illogical is it? How can it decide whether a child is going to rule the world or whether he/she will be categorized below the poverty line? Although we know, all success and failure depend on an individual’s attitude, the way of working etc. still we trust on Kundli frantically. Why? Well, this is blind to believe – how the positions of stars and planets at the individual’s birth time affects their martial journey?

The worst cases of Kundli are seen mostly in Indian marriages. Ample of families in India don’t permit their son/daughter to marry the one they love just because of the mismatch in their horoscope. I am sure no one thinks or calculate or match their kundli before falling in love. Partners can live happily if there is a love and understanding between them even if the kundli matching fails. Astrology is just probability, it can never predict the accurate future.

There are many examples where 36 Gunas (numbers) are matched and still couples are heading towards the divorce. And, there are examples where Gunas are unmatched and couples have successfully completed their 25 years of marriage. I came across few incidents closely and would like to share few of them here-

–    One of my friend’s brother got married 17 years back and according to their horoscope: His wife should be dead by the 3rd year of marriage (a very famous pandit Ji said when they got married). Now, they are living happily together. Their horoscope also stated that they are going to face utmost difficulty in having kids.  At present, they are parents of 14 years old twins’ sons.

Hope this incident can eradicate the blind trust on Kundli.

–    Another example is heart-breaking where my very close friend was in a beautiful relationship for five years. They shared the same caste and the same family background (these are another hurdle in many families). Everything was running smoothly until the boy’s parents consulted the so-called Astrologer. In a blink of an eye, this relationship came to an end when the astrologer revealed about the hurdles they will be facing in their marriage. The boy’s parents, being a professor in a renowned university trusted the horoscope blindly and compelled the couple to end up their affair forever.

How naive it is of us to believe that the whole institution of matrimony depends on our horoscope? Who are we fooling? Just because a person was born at so and so date/time or has some dosha or some other crap, he/she will be responsible for the whole turn of events in other’s life. This is the most ridiculous of customs I have seen and heard. Who is responsible if a marriage breaks up? Your kundli/horoscope? Or the 2 people who took vows of making the marriage work?

However, many families also use this Kundli funda just as an excuse to politely reject matches. Anyway, time is changing.  Rules of those days might not always work these days. We are not in days when people relied only on pigeons for communication and horoscopes for marriages. There’s no point in looking for ‘married couples’ who had their horoscopes matched. If they are happy, credit shouldn’t be given to horoscopes. Many other things constitute a happy marriage.

Do share your comments whether you agree or disagree with my views.

Thank You!! Keep reading 😊

9 thoughts on “‘Kundli’- are we still believing in it??

  1. beautifully written..may points need to be noted down..good one..really appreciate your concern..I am not an atheist but I don’t believe in all this kundali stuff at all..besides to lighten the mood a little , I would like to share a fun blog on Indian Couples which I have just written..Please spare some time to go through it..!
    https://the-passport-souls.travel.blog/2017/12/30/spiciest-biryani-called-marriage-kahani-ghar-ghar-ki/ just to lighten the ambiance

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