Her only Wish !!

Priya and Piyush’s marital union was fixed by their families. They were ready to get knotted after a week. Being too much occupied in the wedding preparation, their courtship period ended up like usual days. They could not hang out more. All they could do in seven days was just a single meeting. This is what happens in most of the Indian Arrange Marriages. Three days before the D-day, Piyush and Priya decided to meet at a neighbouring restaurant.  Hardly, in forty minutes they discussed each other’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and the mandatory things which most of the couples discuss before getting hitched.  In that short meeting, Piyush came to know about Priya’s only wish. During childhood, Priya had seen Eiffel Tower on TV and she always wanted to step up to 1063 feet tall tower. She had a good collection of Eiffel Tower’s posters.

A week passed and they were gracefully joined in holy matrimony. Piyush had surprisingly booked a honeymoon package for Paris. After three days of wedding-

“Priya, pack up the luggage by tomorrow. We will be going for our honeymoon for five days”- Piyush said

“Where? You didn’t tell me before”- questioned Priya

“It’s surprise my dear”- he said lifting her up in his lap

“Wow!! Thank you, my husband. But, how will I pack in a day?”- she thanked him and asked

“I am always there to help you out, sweetheart”

On the day of departure: Everything was packed, they were all set to go. The moment Piyush booked the cab, he received a call from his colleague. It was the news of Demonetization which was announced late night. Piyush had to postpone the trip since he was a bank employee and was urgently summoned to the office.

It was Priya’s Birthday after few months. Piyush again planned a trip to Paris. As soon as they reached Airport, Priya received a call from her brother-in-law. He gave the news of his father’s death. With the heavy heart, they returned to their home. Their trip was cancelled again.

The days passed by, and this time it was their first marriage anniversary. Again, Piyush thought of booking the package. A day before the travel, Priya was unwell. Abruptly, she suffered from frequent fevers, chronic coughing, stomach pain and difficulty in swallowing. Piyush hurriedly admitted her in the renowned hospital. After all the lab’s test, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Piyush didn’t reveal to her about this deadly disease. He thought to fulfil her wish before she leaves him eternally.  But, there was no green signal from the doctor’s end.

Although it was some early symptoms, she was advised to take complete bed rest. Her life was in danger due to her weak immunity. Piyush just prayed for her speedy recovery every time. But, destiny had something else stored for them. Priya left him forever, on the day of their travel. Death snatched her from Piyush. He lost his beloved wife. His eyes became glazed with a layer of tears. He just stood by her side as still as the statue.

After a week-

Still, Piyush decided to accomplish her wish. Though she was not with him, he went to Paris along with her ash and painting, making her soul rests in peace. A martial journey of one year flashed in his mind while he was sitting on the bench near Eiffel Tower.

Truly, we can never predict what is written ahead. We can control our destiny but not our fate. Our fate is sealed by Lord’s choice.

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