A Blind Painter and his Dog

Based on real story.

Story-teller- Anshika Srivastava

It was a heartrending day, when a boy named Peter, 21 years of age lost his parents in a road accident. Worst among all was, he also lost his eyes. His dream of being awarded as the best painter remained a dream. Now there was no one to care for him. He was all alone in his home. A gentleman from his society admitted him to an NGO house (Non- Governmental Organization), which was a home for disabled people. Peter took all his essential painting items along with him. Many times, he tried making few sketches just from his imagination. He learned to distinguish between different colored paints through feeling their textures with his fingers. Sometimes, it would become a perfect sketch and sometimes it became something else.

One day when he was sitting silently on the lawn of the NGO, and few children were playing there, a dog came running from somewhere. He kept on disturbing them. They jerked him angrily. Then, the dog came near to Peter and started licking his feet. He felt relieved as if someone is there with him. He gradually caressed the dog with his hand. Even, the dog liked his company. Every day, that dog used to come there and sit next to Peter. They were good friends now. Seeing their utmost friendship, the head of the NGO decided to keep the dog there itself and Peter named the dog as Tommy.

Whenever Peter used to paint something, Tommy was always there sitting next to him. Peter taught himself how to ‘see’ objects through the sense of touch. He completed a big painting in a month. Tommy helped him in picking up the brushes and keeping them back to the position. He also helped him in finding a dirty cloth which was mandatory during painting. Everyone in the NGO house appreciated him for his beautiful creations. One of the staff members has sent his painting in the “Best Painters Award” and he was being nominated among twenty painters.

Peter attended the award ceremony with the workers of NGO house. He never forgets to take Tommy with him. Peter’s name was announced. He went to the stage with his best friend- Tommy, who had always shown him the right path to walk. His painting was on the stage, covered with a cloth. The moment he stepped up, the cloth was pulled up slowly. The audience was dazed to see Peter’s painting. It blew them away. He painted his friend Tommy’s photo on it. His sense of touch made him achieve his dream which he thought had lost.

He was awarded the ‘Best Painter Award’. His painting was praised by everyone there. A blind painter has proved that the people with great passion can make the impossible happen. His passion and purpose were greater than excuses and fears of being disabled. He tried, and tried and finally achieved.  His blindness never stopped him from being a renowned artist. He has carried on his life’s work as a talented painter. He has also proved that being a handicap is not the end of the dream.

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