Beauty Versus Brain- who rules the world?

Isn’t a lethal combination? The blending of beauty and brain are almost seldom today. The one who is blessed with both the jewels is the luckiest creature on the earth. A famous saying- ‘the first impression is the last impression’ itself is a proof of beauty without the brain. In fact, the brain without beauty finds it difficult to withstand the initial phase of interaction, sometimes. Beauty doesn’t mean only the external appearance of the person it also signifies the beauty of the soul. Beauty and brain must go simultaneously but definitely, a brain is the one who rules the world. A beautiful person with lack of intelligence might excel in today’s era but an ugly person with beautiful brain doubtlessly wins the world.

We can’t ignore the fact that, in today’s world front cover of the book matters more than the book itself. The casts of the movie matter more to the audience than the review itself. Let me narrate few examples of where Beauty dominates the Brain. Today, still the girls in many Indian families are being rejected for marriage just because they fail to meet the expectation of ‘fair and lovely’. Though, they are professionals, having an outstanding work record and earning a handsome amount. Then why? Why is the beauty ruling here? Are they not the part of the world? Does the dark skin, chubby body, small height or the spectacles on her face going to decide her future? Why don’t they understand that the beauty fades away with time but the brain gets polished more with increasing age? Rejection really drains the person emotionally. It’s so unfair that people judge us on something which we can’t change. We can put the makeup on and look beautiful hide our scars, color and highlighting our cheeks and lips. But, we can’t hide our intelligence. Right or wrong?

Another example from a film industry also proved that beauty is more important than the brain. Here, I am talking about Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who had umpteenth skills but just because of his appearance he was being rejected by the directors and producers of films and serials. He had experienced the longest and toughest struggle of his life. Eventually, he is now the successful actor of Bollywood.

Although, we are surrounded by so many great leaders, scientists, authors who have set an example where Brain really rules the world. Let’s talk about Rahul Gandhi who is smart but not brilliant than Modi. And ultimately, India is being ruled my Brain (Modi). Our former President, late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was not that handsome, but his achievements made the country proud. Even, the beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe require intellectual skills and not the beauty alone. Beautiful, brainless individual cannot even stand in the race for life.  Even, most of the handsome and gorgeous film stars are blessed with the genius mind. It’s very well written, that the “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

Yes, Beauty is important but only in the field of modelling, acting and in forms of entertainment but again, if the person is talented enough he will be able to succeed irrespective of the looks. Have we ever thought who made the technology for cosmetic products? Of course, the bunch of brainy people.

25 thoughts on “Beauty Versus Brain- who rules the world?

  1. Great post, this is definitely a conversation piece. My co-workers and I love to converse on these subjects.


  2. Indeed beauty without brains can’t get you far. And I like that you said “A beautiful person with lack of intelligence might excel in today’s era but an ugly person with beautiful brain doubtlessly wins the world.”
    Good post!


  3. Interesting concept, these two competing ideals. When I was a kid, my dad use to tell me, “A beautiful woman can have anything she wants in the world.” Maybe that’s a broad generalization but it’s kind of true, unfortunately, at least in some countries and some professions.


  4. Interesting read. We fail to realize that beauty differs rom culture to culture.
    So heartbreaking that some girls in certain socities have to be “picked” for marriage…
    Hopefully can adhere to your advice that brains rule..
    Well written..


  5. Hey, a fascinating point of view. As you said, “in today’s world front cover of the book matters more than the book itself.” That isn’t how it should be, we need to do something about this.


  6. This is a great post. Sadly, it is true. People are always looking at first impressions, if you are beautiful you will receive more opportunities than those who are not as attractive.


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