Be the reason, someone ‘Smiles’ today

It was a fine day in Mumbai. The leaves in the park were blooming and grasses were scattered like a green velvet. The sky held a soft blue ray. The beautiful petals of the flowers were welcoming the people in the park. Everyone had a jovial face there. Almost all the benches of a park were occupied by the couples. There was one bench where a boy was waiting for his girlfriend with a bunch of flowers. On the other hand, an old beggar sitting in the corner of the park was continuously watching that boy. A boy who never offered him the single penny.

All the passers-by gave money to the beggar. The boy waited for more than an hour but his girlfriend didn’t come. While returning from there, he untied the small tissue cloaked bunch of pink roses and few small white chrysanthemums. The flowers were tight budded and stems were wet. The wind was perfumed by the strong fragrance of the flowers. He took out his white handkerchief, opened it and arranged the flowers elegantly in front of the beggar. He picked the steel bowl that was filled with few coins and notes, from beggar’s hand and kept it near the flowers. He also added fifty rupees note to the bowl. The beggar was muddled. He urged-

“What are you doing boy?”

Boy replied politely- “From today, you will be selling flowers instead of begging”

The fanatical response from the boy made the beggar weepy.

“You opened my eyes today, boy. Thank you for providing me the way to fill my stomach. Thank you”- Beggar exclaimed

Every day, the boy uses to give him a bunch of variety of flowers. From then, beggar started selling flowers in the park. And was earning more than he used to earn while begging. Suddenly, from one day the boy stopped coming to the park. His absence keeps bothering the beggar. Somehow, he managed to earn well.

A Few years later-

The moment boy entered the florist shop, a man hugged him.

“Where were you since these years?”- asked a man

The boy said surprisingly- “Is this your shop? That’s astonishing”

“Yes boy. This is all because of you. Tell me, where were you?”

“I relocated to different city for higher studies”

“Where is your friend?”- man asked

“She is waiting outside. Come and meet her”

The boy’s behavior, his attitude changed a person from a beggar to an owner of a florist shop. His girlfriend was also very much impressed by his mentality, hence she returned to be with him forever. We know life is too short, then why can’t we bring the smile on other’s face? The best feeling of Happiness is when you are happy because you have made somebody else happy. There is a saying-

“The greatest happiness in the world is to make other happy”

Be Happy!! Keep Smiling!!

22 thoughts on “Be the reason, someone ‘Smiles’ today

  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful story and you wrote it so well i felt like i was there with them, these are the kind of stories we love to hear about, esp with homelessness being such a big issue all around the world and it hurts me when i see it especially in my home town, its hard to ignore. i even wrote a prose poem about this topic myself at Christmas, about an experience similar to this story in a way, here’s the direct link if you want to have a read:


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