“Humanity” & “Moral values”- losing the Importance

Yet another RAPE happened in the Capital this month. But, this time, Humanity has thwarted the limits. A 22- year woman was assertedly gang-raped by three men, after throwing her nine-month-old daughter out off the autorickshaw. Unfortunately, this led to the death of the child on the spot. On average, fifty crimes against women are registered every day in Delhi, including around four cases of rape. This is not only the case in this city but in mostly all cities of our country. Are we woman safe in our own country?

– NO!

Murder, extermination, sexual slavery, female infanticide etc, etc has become a need for Indians today and still, we call our country a land of Unity in Diversity, land of cultures, traditions. I do agree with the fact that – Humanity has no nationality, it is universal, but the question lies here is- if for the good work we can appreciate our country then why can’t we blame it for the weird crimes? Undoubtedly, Humanity has reached its lowest point. Females are neither safe inside the womb nor outside.

I had discussed this with my husband as to what can be the main cause of this rapidly increasing trend? One reason he pointed out is PUNISHMENT. For most of the victims, the reactions begin days or weeks after the rape. The amount of time the victim gets justice is a way too long. 6 months to more than years. And justice delayed is justice denied. No terror of police and conviction. Though the law is said to grant justice to the innocent, sadly, it is untrue in the case of Rape victims. Rape laws in India are extremely antiquated.  Seems, our laws in India are still not sufficient to control this crime which is taking place at an alarming speed. As a result, the culprits get another chance for the shameful act.

The next thought we had in our mind was that, is this the case of only India or any other emerging or under developing country? I thought why not google it. To my surprise, that’s not the case in India only. I see US and Russia in the list above India. So, it means it has nothing to do with country’s GDP. While the punishment in some countries is instant death, in other countries, the punishment extends from few years in jail to life imprisonment depending on the extremity of the case. I also think the law in these countries is also strict, then what may be the reason behind this?

Although we are looking at the monetary growth, what about the moral growth? Are we growing in moral values? One day while returning from office, I saw two kids of around five-six years fighting in my society. One of the kid said- “I will bring a knife from my house and will cut you into pieces”. Though I was amazed to see his fluency in English, but the sentence he spoke was out of my believe. The children these days learns English and are smart in using technology but how about the moral values? Are we focusing on teaching this to our kids? Does our education system focus on teaching these moral values? What one learns in the childhood is what molds him as a better person. Therefore, family values, respect for women, should be taught from the early age to man.

Nevertheless, the reasons perhaps are the overall low status, backward mentality, and lack of respect for women in India. But what about other countries, why the females are still suffering from these crimes? What might me the reason there? All measures to prevent rapes would be useful only if men start thinking high of women and make efforts to protect a women’s self-esteem.

3 thoughts on ““Humanity” & “Moral values”- losing the Importance

  1. The feminine divine is on the rise. I hope in the near future these horrid crimes will cease to exist. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering


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