Don’t let your “limits” define you!!

Bandipur National Park- the perfect destination to rejoice the beauty of nature. A place is five hours drive from Bangalore, has a variety of biomes including dry deciduous forest and shrublands. The diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles is the source of tourist attractions there. Around 3.00 pm, I along with my three friends started for Jungle safari (an activity by four-wheeler which takes us closer to the flora and fauna). Our guide- James, exhibited us with numerous wildlife including- tiger, leopards, elephant, lion etc. We were amazed to see his awareness on each creature present there. As the hours passed, we were given an hour break for the refreshment at one of the small restaurants inside the park.

This was the time when I noticed that the young fellow guide with utmost knowledge on wildlife had no legs. Hence, an inquisitiveness in me aroused and unhesitatingly I asked him the reason behind his being lame. He replied smiling-

“It has been more than ten years when I lost my both the legs in an accident.”

We were stunned and a friend of mine questioned- “But, why are you still smiling?”

Again, a calm reply from him- “Sister, I have only lost my legs, not my life.”

Though his sentence had a deep meaning, we were excited to know more about him. We kept heaps of questions and his response was inspiring and pathetic as well. He interpreted calmly- “I applied for many jobs but was being rejected everywhere. One day, I got an opportunity to apply for government job. I qualified every written round but in my final round of interview, I have rejected again because of my disability. Still, I did not give up and requested the interviewers to check my practical skills. I took them for jungle safari and explained them everything that they were expecting from me for this specific role. Therefore, they selected me for the position I am holding today.”

“Thank you for showing us another aspect of life”- I said

He added- “Come here, I will show you an appropriate example.

“We clenched this elephant here with this tree, when he was a baby so that he doesn’t run away. He tried ample of times but failed. As he started growing up, he assumed that his limit is only to this. Hence, he stopped trying further. And, look at the bumblebee, due to their heavy weight, aerodynamically, these shouldn’t be able to fly but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway. I hope you girls are going to follow the bumblebee rather than an elephant.”

“Life is limitless. Work beyond limits”

Here, Jame’s life is great motivation which encourages us to expand our mindset and work hard to achieve anything irrespective of our limits. We need to be fearless to maximize our opportunities and possibilities.

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