A girl with roses!!

“Sister, please buy this flower”- a perky little girl of around five years requested.

Every day I used to meet this cutest creature of God on my way to home from school. A young fair complexioned chick with a ray of sadness on her face used to sell roses at the traffic signals each day. That was none other than the sign of poverty and the struggling phase of her life. Many of times, her simplicity, innocent face, delightfulness was something I used to recall in class. Often, I thought of talking to her but could not gain the courage to proceed. Sometimes, I used to ignore her when I was busy in my studies, extra classes, sports.

One day, I noticed that she was not at the signal, hence, I waited for another ten minutes. But, could not found her presence anywhere. The whole day I was distracted, thinking about her. Even I could not sleep the same night. I thought of bunking class the next day and going to the police station to file a report. Mercifully, I saw her the other day with roses in her hand near my house. With utmost curiosity, I went near her and questioned about her absence on the past days. She replied prettily-

“I was at my home to take care of my younger sister”.

The way she responded, touched my heart and soul deep inside. I felt an angel standing in front of me with blood red roses and a milky face. I wanted to talk more with her.

“Tell me about yourself dear”- I said serenely

She was just blooming with her innocence and replied-

“Sister, my name is Rosa. I live a kilometer far from here and usually come here to sell these flowers”.

I added- “and who lives with you, Rosa?”

An instant reply from her- “My mother and two younger sisters”.

And our conversation continued for more than an hour where I came to know about her family and the cause of the poverty they were suffering from. Rosa and her mother- who was a maid, were the source of income. She didn’t tell me anything about her father. I was still excited to find an unanswered question. We became good friends and I asked her to take me to her home.

Against the dark evening sky, I went to a place which was an unsafe habitat. The crumbling walls were the indication of a scarcity of food and water there. It was none other than Rosa’s house. I saw her twin sisters lying on a bed who were not more than a year. She introduced me to her mother who was a thin, laborious lady struggling to provide with all the need to her children. I came to know that her husband died due to excessive alcohol consumption a year ago. I was stunned to know that her twin daughters were just seven months older in her womb at the time of their father’s death. With the heavy heart, I left her home and promised her mother that I will meet her soon.

I discussed the whole incidence with my brother and we decided to give our every month’s pocket money to Rosa’s mother. Rosa started studying in a school and left her job of selling roses. Somehow, her mother managed to provide education to all her daughters.

“The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you”

 Twenty years down the line today-

A tall and gorgeous lady came running and touched my feet when I was at the bank to deposit money. I was stumped and could hardly recognize her. The crowd of the surrounding kept staring at us. She said with a pretty smile- “Sister, rose?”

I was astounded and hugged her tightly. We were flooded with the happily rolling tears.

I reacted- “Oh my God! Rosa, is this you? You look like a model”.

She smiles and said- “I saw you from my cabin’s glass window. Where were you since so many years?”

She took me to her cabin which had a name plate with “Rosa- Assistant Manager” inscribed on it. She made me familiar with the incidents she faced in the past years when I lost contact with her due to pursuing my further studies in the different city. Being studious in studies, she was sent to the renowned college to complete her graduation. And was luckily placed in a reputed bank. Her sisters are pursuing graduation and her mother is leading women welfare organization. She thanked me infinite times for everything. I just hugged her again.

This is something called “Life” which comes with many ups and downs. Our genuineness and hard work matters always. We are only responsible for our own success and failure. We are blessed with every perk in life, still, we could not utilize it correctly. Thought of quoting here-

“Every story has an end but in life, every ending is just a new beginning”

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