A man who taught me the definition of LIFE!!

The incidence goes few years back. I was traveling to my home town, it was a typical Friday night and since it was a long weekend many of us were rushing towards either railway station or bus station to catch the respective transport for our desired destination. It was raining heavily and the roads were jammed with traffic. Somehow, I reached railway station, and saw my train crawling, I managed to catch it at last minute. In early hustle, I sat on someone else’s berth and only realized this when TT came to check my ticket. Since I was heavily panting, I was trying to relax a bit, then I saw a young man of around thirty – five years of age who was sitting in front of me. That fellow looked very ordinary and cheerful as well. Suddenly, my team leader’s call came up to ask whether I applied for leave in portal or not? At the same time my mom’s call was on wait. I was too much annoyed and screamed on the phone rudely . The pressure of work in the office, the anxiety of the future made me such troubled person. This is the story of every private employees today. Thus, I opened my laptop and started working to complete my pending office work.

The man was constantly noticing all my actions and he asked politely- “Beta, if you don’t mind, may I ask you something?” Grudgingly, I just gave up a green signal. Abruptly, I was wrapped up with endless questions from his side.

“Why are you looking so distressed at such a young age?”, “Are you the only one who is handling all the responsibilities of house?”, “or, the office work is killing you from inside”?

I just looked the other way and headed again to my work. After a while, he didn’t ask anything but kept his words mannerly- “This is your age to live life with pleasure. What is the benefit of earning so much money when you can’t keep yourself glad?” He spoke all that I never had thought about. Then I closed the laptop and began reciprocating him- “Yes Uncle, I completely agree with your words. Though I don’t have any family burden, still the office pressure disturbs me a lot”.

He responded calmly- “I am extremely grateful to the parents of today who send their daughters to work. But, that doesn’t mean you will make your life so complicated.”

I replied and questioned- “Again I agree with you Uncle. Anyways, you tell where are you traveling?”

“I am traveling to my village”- He answered.

I asked curiously- “You must be going to meet your family, your children. Right Uncle?”

He reacted calmly- “I am a farmer and I went to city to purchase laptops”

Farmer versus Laptop. I was perplexed and asked, “Do the farmers know how to operate laptop?”

He answered- “These laptops are for my school, dear. And he added- If farmers can work in scorching sun throughout their life, they can learn anything.”

I was a bit astonished and asked again- “But, you didn’t tell me about your family. Do they live in village or city?”

This question made the surrounding quite peaceful for some time. And then there was a patient reply from his end, – “Beta, there is no one in my family. I had my parents, my wife and two little children whom I lost five years ago in a train accident. Somehow, I recovered myself and worked hard to provide education to those children who lost their parents in that sorrowful accident. I want to teach them what I could not learn at my time. Being a farmer doesn’t mean I cannot achieve anything, this is all about the passion we carry. I know the same happiness can’t return but to get engage myself I started the school in the village. Whatever I earned for my family, I spent those pennies in building school. I never imagined that I will spent my life without my family.”

I was absolutely shocked to hear this, and could easily have noticed his eyes full of tears. I regretted my aching question. Yet, he gave an advice- “Never ever run for money, beta. Give time to your family as well. Money may come and go but if the family is lost, everything is lost. The way you talk to your mother is not at all accepted. Ask those who don’t have parents. They still wait for single call from them despite of knowing the fact that they will never receive such call now”.

The moment I realized my blunder, he had gone off. I could not even thank him for all that he had taught me in four hours of journey. It is well said-

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

That was the time when I understood the real meaning of life. The reason behind our unhappy life is not only the money, it’s “we” who had made it so much complicated. We never value the things we have, we run for something which can’t be achieved. Life is so much brighter if we focus on what truly matters.

3 thoughts on “A man who taught me the definition of LIFE!!

  1. i loved the moral of this post! We do run into those who have ideas to add to our lives. Thanks for posting 😉


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