When society matters, not the children


“Log kya kahenge: What will people say?” has really killed hopes, dreams of many in the world. This tormenting question makes us live in fear all our lives. It is very well known to us that all fingers are not of same length, I mean here is, we are born with different identities and mentality. We cannot follow the mob just because the society wants us to be. Everyone has their own choice, own taste and of course their own life. Some of the Indian parents still focus on the happiness of the society thereby, affecting their children lives. In India, the parents are very much influenced by how the society perceives them.

Although majority of parents know and understand that happiness of their children is of the foremost importance but some are still against it because of- Society. A month ago, I came across a bizarre instance where a couple having more than eight years of relationship is being forced to end up their bond forever. This is just because the girl’s parents thinks- “What will people say, what will society think if I marry my daughter to the guy she loves?”  In spite of being from same caste, same financial status there is so many hurdles in the couple’s life. Readers will be stunned to know that the restriction is only from the girl’s side whereas the boy’s parents are happy with their son’s happiness. This shows the wide differences in mentality between the two parents of the same generation.

Also, we cannot disagree on the fact that Indian parents are very much protective and they do care for their children. But, when it comes to their children’s most crucial decision, they urge to think about the society first. They think their social reputation will be at stake and the taunt they will be hearing from the friends and relatives will be pitiful. I just revealed the single case here; there are still countless pathetic situations which are being faced by youngsters every single second. Running away from house, going against of parents is something I strongly don’t support but, these cases can be easily prevented if parents think only about the children not the society.

My opinion says- “today, children are mature enough to distinguish between right and wrong. Majority of them are highly educated and are working in renowned companies. Undoubtedly, their parents are the reason behind this. I whole- heartedly appreciate the parent’s efforts. It will be more grateful, if the parents support them in taking the best decision of their life”. However, I do believe that after few years this won’t repeat.  The generation which is suffering now will never let this happen with their children anymore. As they have undergone the trauma and torture in their love voyage.

Please do read and share your views like you have been doing before. Thank you so much!!

5 thoughts on “When society matters, not the children

  1. True…we r living in an independent country where girls are still struggling for it and where the “4 peoples” can cost anythng like shaking the mental status forever.

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