In search of meaningful answers…

img-20170323-58d391314b188We live in a country which is a land of variety of cultures and traditions where etiquettes, rituals, beliefs, values are the vital components of our society. Where all the relations are respected and valued, but when it comes to the behavior with new comer in the family- Daughter-in-law (Bahu) we could easily notice the wide differences which might turn the marriage into horrid and disharmony. Although the generation is changing, girls are allowed to pursue their career and achieve their dreams but the mindset of the Indian in-laws are still the same. Coming to our so called Sanskriti, it does not teach any discrimination between DIL and any other family member’s .Still, we could not expect the gender equality in Indian families where son-in-law is treated as their own son and daughter-in-law as an outsider.

Experiences shared by my followers, relatives, friends and self-faced few situations, compelled me to ask these pitiful questions which have really plagued our Indian society:

  • Taunting the Daughter-in-law at each and every activity she does. Is this what our culture and traditions taught us?
  • In majority of the families, I have seen MILs comparing their DILs with her own daughter. Why do they compare when they can’t treat their DIL in the same way as they do with their daughter?
  • Why there are so many expectations from a DIL but her own expectations are generally ignored?
  • Usually DILs are being questioned: “your parents didn’t teach you anything?” but why this question disappears when it comes to son-in-law, in case he disobeys his wife or he does anything unacceptable?
  • Why Daughter-in-laws are insulted whereas Son-in-laws are praised publicly?
  • If a son aids his wife in any chores and SIL don’t, why do MIL gets sulky and highlights the matter everywhere?
  • If a daughter can wear all sorts of modern dresses, why can’t DIL can be seen in the same? 
  • The most infuriating question which keeps me bothering is: “Why a girl is expected to transform herself from what she loves to be into something her husband’s family wants her to be??”

This is the time to change our own self rather than changing the Daugher-in-laws. It doesn’t matter how educated a girl is or how well she is earning, a DILs worth is nowhere in her in-laws family. In reality, we need to change our mentality at least for the upcoming generation. If we want to live blissfully we should modify our frame of mind at any cost.

Here, I request readers to like, share and comment your opinions and also suggest some other ways for the betterment of Indian girls and of course for the Indian families. Last of all, I would also like to express gratitude to my readers and followers who appreciated my previous blogs and provided me with another opportunity to write.  Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “In search of meaningful answers…

  1. The worst part is a girl has to loose her identity by replacing the title or even name in some instances just to certify her marriage.

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